Steve Tierney: Habitual

Tierney’s latest body of work presents collage pieces on wooden boards made from found materials, as well as cutouts from his growing collection of vintage magazines.

Urban and popular culture remains a strong feature throughout his art making and his obsession with collecting discarded objects such as cigarette packaging continues to be an ongoing inspiration in this new series.

In ‘Habitual’ Tierney will present around 20 handmade mixed media artworks. He is also in the process of creating one ‘quick’ collage per day in a sketchbook using discarded cut outs from the larger pieces as well as any other scraps or objects left over during production. This sketchbook will also be on display at the exhibition.

The TATE Gallery
18 to 20 December, 2013

Disbelieve, mixed media collage, 30 x 25cm
Courtesy the artist