This is Gippsland

‘This is Gippsland’ is a celebration of the magical and mysterious atmosphere of the Gippsland region. Inhabited by the whispers of ancestors past, it spans time and distance to capture a spirit that has intrigued artists for generations.

The exhibition features several key loans, including ‘Gippsland Incident’ by Sidney Nolan from the Art Gallery of South Australia, ‘Gippsland Hills’ by John Wolseley, and ‘Poowong’ by Anne Montgomery from Latrobe Regional Gallery, alongside a diverse range of works drawn from the Gippsland Art Gallery’s own permanent collection by Linda Gibbs, Fred Williams, Anna Farago, Trevor Vickers, Siri Hayes, Daniel Crawshaw, Ann Greenwood, Albert Tucker, Gillian Kline, Robin Wallace-Crabbe, David Ashley Kerr, Jennifer Mullett, Hal Waugh, Jessie Traill, Steaphan Paton, Lorna Chick, Tony Newsom, Frank Mesaric, Aunty Eileen Harrison, Peter Cole, Jane Burton, Andrew Southall, Jenny Noone, Owen Rye, Tricia Allen, Victor Greenaway, Sandra Black, Marian Hosking, Anthea Williams, Margret Booth, Tony Hanning, Nick Mount, John Woollard, Cheryl Burgess, and Kiyoshi Ino.

Sidney Nolan, Gippsland Incident, 1945, synthetic polymer paint on hardboard, 91.5 × 122cm Gift of Sidney and Cynthia Nolan 1974. Art Gallery of South Australia. © Art Gallery of South Australia. Courtesy Art Gallery of South Australia, Adelaide and Gippsland Art Gallery, Victoria

Gippsland Art Gallery
4 September 2021 to 27 February 2022

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