Tjungu Palyangku Tjukurpa titutjara kunpu ngaranytja-ku: As we come together we stand strong for our story

Artists from the Tjungu Palya Art Centre, South Australia bring Tjukurpa (sacred stories) to Sydney and Melbourne audiences in collaboration with Artbank, as part of the Year of Indigenous Languages. The exhibition features paintings and ink drawings, along with performance video including Indigenous languages spoken by some of the artists.

Led by the Watarru, Kanmpi and Wati Collaborative groups, this show highlights the vibrancy and contemporary nature of the artist’s stories and way of life through inma (performing sacred ritual).

Installation view ‘Tjungu Palyangku Tjukurpa titutjara kunpu ngaranytja-ku’, Melbourne, 2019. Photograph: Christian Capurro. Courtesy the artists and Artbank, Sydney and Melbourne

Until 8 November 2019
Sydney and Melbourne