Undercover Artist Festival

The ‘Undercover Artist Festival’ developed by Access Arts Inc. whose focus is to bridge the gap between disability and ability will bend ‘the rules’ on 13 and 14 October with a performance showcase by emerging and professional artists. A line-up of theatre, dance, music, video art, symposiums, storytelling, workshops, live art and theatrical roving performances will fill the Queensland Theatre in Brisbane. Program highlights include; ‘Environment Moves Me’ an interactive workshop exploring action, stillness and metamorphosis inspired by the Butoh movement with Eleonora Ginardi and Marisa Georgiou. ‘Love Me’ by Indelabilityarts is breaking barriers around Mental Health through multimedia design, spoken word, music, puppetry and theatre, and the Access Arts Achievement Award of $10,000 will be awarded to a Queensland artist, artsworker or producer.

Unmasterclass, Back to Back Theatre. Courtesy Access Arts Inc, Queensland