Anniebell Marrngamarrnga: Ngalkunburriyaymi (Yawkyawk Dreaming)

Kuninjku artist Anniebell Marrngamarrnga is well-known for her large-scale, flat fibre depictions of her late husband’s Dreaming of the Yawkyawk. Marrngamarrnga uses materials from her natural environment, including pandanus leaves and botanical dyes that create shades of yellow and deep browns. By employing basket and dilly bag-making techniques, and sometimes woodworking and bark painting, Marrngamarrnga crafts her finely woven creations – Yawkyawks, symbolising the female water spirits living in freshwater streams and rock pools of Kubumi in West Arnhem Land, often closely compared to mermaids.

Anniebell Marrngamarrnga, Yawkyawk (Ngalkunburriyaymi), 2021, raffia. Photograph: Sam Roberts. Courtesy the artist and Jamfactory, Adelaide

13 October to 28 November 2021