Caroline Kennedy: Chronicle

Caroline Kennedy is a Melbourne-based artist who has worked in a variety of mediums producing sculpture, installation, photographic and painting works.

Often inspired by her extensive travels, Kennedy is drawn to all things foreign and relishes the challenges, which come with experiencing new cultures, landscapes, languages, people and art forms, reflecting on the places and events that surround her.

‘Chronicle’ is a collection of oil paintings charting Kennedy’s inner, urban and rural worlds over a 12-month period. The paintings capture fragments of her everyday life: a still life at home, a road driven, a park walked. A year of travel – the red centre of Australia, the lush tropics of Kerala, India, the South Gippsland hills and the suburban streets of Melbourne’s inner north – ‘Chronicle’ is a series of snapshots from the last year.

Caroline Kennedy, Still Life #1

G1 Gallery Project Space
9 to 27 February, 20160

still life #1 (some favourite books and artwork), 2015, oil on board, 61 x 41cm
Courtesy the artist and G1 Gallery Project Space, Melbourne