Days of Their Lives

In honour of International Women’s Day, ‘Days of Their Lives’ presents new photography by eight Western Australian women; Anaïs Bellini, Chiluba Young, Chloe Bartram, Ebony Talijancich, Erica Watkin, Esther Kickett, Millie Murfitt and Sherry Paddon, emerging female artists, each with their own distinctive approach.

The works address an array of complex themes and messages, ranging from intimate smartphone documentary photography to sculptural assemblage and collage. Bold photographs of veils and vaginas are teamed with irreverent and sensual portraits of butts and boys. Motherhood, marriage, memory, consumerism, culture, bodies, identification and representation are all explored in this diverse showcase of unseen work by women from a range of backgrounds.

Sherry Paddon, Weight of all Things. Work completed during a residency at Fremantle Arts Centre. © the artist

Perth Centre for Photography
29 February to 28 March 2020
Western Australia