Early Works – Tim Johnson 1969-1998

The common thread in Tim Johnson’s painting is his fascination with cultures. Whether that be ‘Sydney’s wildly exuberant pub rock scene and its innovative punk aesthetic’ of the 1970s; the storytelling and unique dotting found in the painting he and his then wife Vivien saw at Papunya in the late 1970s-1980s; the native American folk he witnessed on his pilgrimage to the Pine Ridge Reservation in North Dakota, or the gentle Buddhist iconography of Asian cultures seen in much of his work over the last three decades.

Annette Larkin Fine Art is proud to exhibit works by Tim Johnson from 1969-1998, which are all drawn from private collections in Sydney. The core of the collection was built up over several decades by Vivien Johnson’s father, Sir Ronald Elliott. ‘Together with a cohesive group of small canvases from a pivotal moment in the artist’s development, they map out Johnson’s trajectory as a painter from one of his earliest exhibited works through to the emergence of the style with which he is now identified.’

Tim Johnson, Freddie West and George Yapa Yapa, 1982, acrylic on linen, 45.5 × 61cm. Courtesy the artist and Annette Larkin Fine Art, Sydney

Annette Larkin Fine Art
17 March to 24 April 2021