Contemporary Australian artists Bleck, Toby Cedar, Rakini Devi, John A Douglas, Amala Groom, and Amrita Hepi use the body as their preferred medium. Through movement, song, performance, costuming, video and VR, notions of personal, cultural and social identity are explored, questioned, understood and categorised into the ‘known’ and ‘unknown’; from mapping the psychological geography of a patient’s experience and the endurance of difficulties faced with grappling gender identity, to narrating family histories and choreographing the body’s use of rope for skipping and traditional weaving.

Amrita Hepi, The Pace, 2018, three-channel dance video installation. Co-commissioned by Cement Fondu and The Lock Up. Courtesy the artist, Cement Fondu, Sydney and The Lock Up, New South Wales

The Lock-Up
Until 26 May, 2019
New South Wales