Lucreccia Quintanilla: A Ripple and an Echo

‘A Ripple and an Echo’ by artist Lucreccia Quintanilla seeks to broadcast the hidden sounds that are present in the world we live in, those we do not hear, obscured by the noise around us. Four conch shell-like sculptures implanted with mobile phones act as speakers to amplify Quintanilla’s sound compositions; recordings of the natural and human world, becoming further intensified by their placement within the gallery space. ‘These works must be approached with a spirit of exploration and openness,’ suggests curator Juliette Hanson.

Lucreccia Quintanilla, We shall dance by the light of the moon, 2017, ceramic and mobile phone, dimensions variable. Photograph: Leela Schauble. Courtesy the artist and Linden New Art, Melbourne

Linden New Art
Until 1 September 2019