Making Art Work | Interno

Mariam Arcilla, Self-portrait, at home during quarantine. Photograph: Eloise Fuss

Institute of Modern Art
Making Art Work: Interno

‘Interno’ is a four-part podcast that profiles artists who are recalibrating their internal lives and perspectives of home, longing, and connection during the global pandemic. With conversations taking place between Australia, North America and Asia, ‘Interno’ presents a plurality of experiences that amplify artistic value and social duty in times of flux. ‘Inferno’ explores nowness-based and enduring issues, including social activism during lockdown, surviving coronavirus, BIPOC solidarity, itinerant artmaking, and club music theory. We also consider what a post-pandemic era may look like so that we can continue to move together towards brightness.

Created and hosted by Mariam Arcilla, the project is commissioned by the Institute of Modern Art in Australia as part of the Making Art Work initiative.

Episode 1, 19 June: Sari-Sari Studio (New York, USA)
Episode 2, 3 July: Sezzo (Dongtan, South Korea)
Episode 3, 17 July: Sara Morawetz (Santa Fe, USA)
Episode 4, 31 July: Bianca Mavrick (Brisbane, Australia)


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