Morph: Polly Borland

Polly Borland
Perimeter Editions

‘Morph’ presents a new series of soft sculptures and abstracted portraits by Polly Borland. Her surreal imaginations of the human form are strange and unsettling yet at the same time compelling, inviting the viewer to look more closely.

Each figure is boldly infused with fuchsia, deep blues or ashen tones, which intrude and entwine themselves within the constraints of an opaque nylon sac. Fabricated organs, tumors, genitalia, phallic objects, and sexuality – neither male nor female, test the surface.

The book includes four lenticular works by Borland, as well as an essay by Sibylla Phipps titled ‘A Voice from Inside the Gimp Suit’, which recounts her extraordinary experience as the model for Borland’s work.