The National Art School

Angela Slattery, Reading Figure, 2020, ink, watercolour and charcoal on paper, 100 x 75cm

The National Art School, Library Stairwell Gallery

‘This is my door. That is yours. Over there lives the tall man who lingers on his balcony, cigarette flaring angry orange. And way to his right, the old couple who watch traffic. Trees start to drop leaves. The air smells sweet. And we work. And we wait.’ – Tanya Overson, NAS MFA 1 Drawing student

The National Art School’s Library Stairwell Gallery presents its first fully online exhibition, ‘Decameron: Drawings from home’, featuring work by Masters of Fine Art 1 Drawing students: Lynley George, Stephanie Houghton, Isabella Millner-Cretney, Tanya Overson, Kaye Shumack, Angela Slattery, Luke Thurgate and Olly Watson.

From Lynley George’s hand-sewn and printed fabric small sculptures to Stephanie Houghton’s cool watercolours and Luke Thurgate’s eerie gouache studies, the show explores personal spaces, the web of social connections and where we are now at this particular, pivotal point in time.

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Tile image: Tanya Overson, Spillover (detail), 2020, acrylic paint, ink, glue, ash on paper, 86 x 61cm