Pamela See: Shades and Silhouettes, Papercut Portraits

A series of 17 portraits with a central silhouette surrounded by effigies pay homage and illuminate the personal histories of Chinese Australians who lived under the The White Australia Policy (1901-1973). Artist Pamela See combines the European tradition of portraiture with paper cutting in keeping with the Forshan style of her grandparent’s birthplace, the Guandong Provence. Originally used to communicate across language boundaries, today’s contemporary application relays forgotten or ignored stories; ‘It is all about dialogue, so it’s considered a repository,’ says the artist.

Pamela See, Mrs Lup Mun, 2017, papercut on paper, 44.5 x 33.6cm. Courtesy the artist, Andrew Baker Art Dealer, Queensland and The Museum of Chinese Australian History, Melbourne

The Museum of Chinese Australian History
Until 22 March, 2019