CHINA Moments in Time

‘CHINA Moments in Time’ is a photographic journey across more than 20 Chinese cities, documenting the daily lives of the people and highlighting the nation’s diverse culture and history which spans more than 5,000 years.

This collection of large-scale prints by photojournalist Marcus Reubenstein is spread across nearly 200m2 in wall space at Sydney’s 541 ART SPACE and divided into four parts with works themed across, tradition, modernity, everyday life and the performing arts.

Marcus Reubenstein, Shaolin Monk

‘When I started taking shots around China my default approach was that of a photojournalist. There was the image and it told an often two-dimensional story. As I came to know more and more Chinese people their backstory became more important to me,’ says Reubenstein.

‘Capturing those stories took my work away from a documentary photo essay towards a body of art which challenges the thoughts of the viewer and prompts them to examine the story of China within the simple context of humanity.’

‘CHINA Moments in Time’ is a partner event of the City of Sydney Lunar Festival 2019 and will feature two ‘meet the artist’ afternoons on Saturday 2 February and Saturday 9 February.

Marcus Reubenstein, Xi’An Man

31 January to 10 February, 2019