Peter Wegner: The Centenarians

Peter Wegner invites us to look into the face of a century of life experience through the portraits on display in this exhibition, which celebrates an eight-year project through which the artist captured the likeness of over one hundred centenarians across Victoria and New South Wales.

“The exploration of ageing and how well we age is central to this project,” says Wegner, who uses drawing as a medium to interview his sitters and offer a glimpse into the lives of this enduring generation, revealing their character, abilities, and perspective on life.

Peter Wegner, Bill Gregory born 15.12.1921, 2022, pencil and beeswax on paper, 64 × 48cm. Courtesy the artist, Australian Galleries, Melbourne and Benalla Art Gallery, Victoria

Benalla Art Gallery
1 July to 28 August 2022

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