Philjames: One Fine Day…

The works in ‘One Fine Day…’ are a dark yet entertaining journey through the human condition; ‘Cartoons offer such a cross-section of human psychology – love and revenge, violence and propaganda, joy and anxiety. They capture the zeitgeist of then, now, and what’s to come,’ describes artist Philjames. The exhibition comprises over 100 interconnected works from sculptural busts to ink sketches of Daffy Duck, Tom & Jerry and Bugs Bunny and oil paintings of Bart Simpson; with Philjames often using imagery from old masterpieces and religious paintings as his canvas.

Philjames, A New Low High, 2017, oil and acrylic on 4 coat polyester, 150 x 170cm. Courtesy the artist and Olsen Gallery, Sydney

Philjames, A Miserable Dream, 2019, oil on vintage offset lithograph, 43 x 37cm. Courtesy the artist and Olsen Gallery, Sydney

Olsen Gallery
22 July to 15 August 2020