Robyn Stacey: Cloud Land

One of Australia’s most acclaimed photographers has revealed Brisbane’s buildings and landmarks from a stunning new perspective with camera obscura – an ancient technique used by the likes of Aristotle, Leonardo da Vinci and even Karl Marx.

The breathtakingly beautiful results, most of which will be shown for the first time, will feature in Museum of Brisbane’s specially commissioned exhibition for 2015, ‘Robyn Stacey: Cloud Land.’

The vivid exhibition marks a new direction for Stacey, who is known for her striking photographs of historical collections and demonstrates the artist’s fascination in exploring the juncture between art and science through photography.

Museum of Brisbane
Until 3 April, 2016

Room 936 Royal on the Park, 2015, unframed 110 x 146.7cm
Courtesy the artist and Museum of Brisbane, Queensland