Roslyn Nolen: Wild-Brumbies and Other Breeds

Growing up surrounded by horses was taken for granted as a child and it wasn’t until adulthood that artist Roslyn Nolen fully came to realise and appreciate the majestic beauty and soulful intelligence of these creatures. Since Nolen’s solo exhibition in 2013, she has been drawn to the famous folklore of the brumbies of Australia.

This current work explores the domestic horse along with the wild brumby. Nolen explains that some of these brumbies were rescued from slaughterhouses while others freely roam unhindered but remain under threat from culling demands. The collection of seventeen paintings and eight limited edition dry point and copper plate etchings capture the horses’ spirit, power and the connection to land.

Gallows Gallery
Until 6 February, 2015
Western Australia

Companions, 2014, acrylic on canvas, 92 x 122cm
Courtesy the artist and Gallows Gallery, Western Australia