Rue de Belleville

‘Rue de Belleville’ is a group show of paintings by both gallery and invited artists. Each artist shares the experience of having undertaken overseas residencies and research that has contributed to their practice.

The exhibition title links the growth of the local artistic community of Chippendale, home to Galerie pompom, to Rue de Belleville – a young, artistic area in Paris that has created a hub of contemporary galleries. It portrays a changing landscape due to an influx of creative industries and artistic culture. Artists include: Ron Adams, Rochelle Haley, Nana Ohnesorge, Tara Marynowsky, Jonny Niesche and Megan Walch.

Galerie pompom
18 June to 13 July, 2013

Nana Ohnesorge, The Journey, 2010, acrylic paint and aerosol, pigment pen and oil on linen, 152.5 x 112cm
Courtesy the artist and Galerie pompom, Sydney