Sidney McMahon: Of sorrow and release

Bringing together kinetic sculpture, video and sound, Sydney-based artist Sidney McMahon addresses two key themes: the public sense of sorrow spurred on by the climate crisis and recent Australian bushfires in the summer of 2019-20; and the personal experience of mourning and celebration that has accompanied the artist’s own unfolding queer narrative. McMahon’s installation interweaves human, environmental, psychological and computational perspectives to ultimately respond to the question: ‘How do I celebrate the person I am now whilst expressing sorrow for my previous self?’

Sidney McMahon, Of sorrow and release, 2020, installation view: ‘Overlapping Majisteria’, Australian Centre of Contemporary Art, Melbourne Commissioned by Australian Centre for Contemporary Art and the Macfarlane Fund. Photograph: Andrew Curtis. Courtesy the artist, Australian Centre for Contemporary Art, Melbourne and ACE Open, South Australia

ACE Open
14 May to 3 July 2021
South Australia