Mabel Juli, Marlene Juli, Atlanta Mercy Umbulgurri: Garn’giny Not Granite

‘Garn’giny Not Granite’ details, through more than 25 new works and several historical paintings, the importance of place to Aboriginal people and effects when sites and Country of significance are destroyed.

Paintings by East Kimberley Gija painter Mabel Juli, her daughter Marlene Juli and granddaughter, Atlanta Mercy Umbulgurri, portray in hauntingly powerful imagery and extensive text, three of the most important Dreaming stories of their Country, Darrajayn, currently under threat of destruction by the mining company Kimberly Granite Holdings.

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19 to 28 May 2021

Atlanta Mercy Umbulgurri, Old Woman Singing out for her Dog, 2021, ochre on canvas, 80 × 60cm
Courtesy the artist, Warmun Art Centre, Western Australia and EVERYWHEN Artspace, Victoria