STIGMA: dismantled, revealed

‘Stigma, whether it’s overt or self-perpetuated, serves to isolate people and confine them to their individual experience.’ – Jessie Brooks-Dowsett

Working across a range of mediums and methods of inquiry seven artists in ‘STIGMA: dismantled, revealed’ share personal experiences and their concerns for the stigma which surrounds mental health issues within society and in themselves while channelling the conversation towards one of reflection and empathy.

Artists: Jessie Brooks-Dowsett, Simon Crosbie, William Hawkins, Lucy Hotchin, Joanne Morgan, Cornelia Selover and Kylie Steinhardt.

Lucy Hotchin, Untitled (How do I take up space again), embroidery on calico, 15cm diameter; Untitled (Who do you want me to be?), embroidery thread on calico, 15cm diameter. Courtesy the artist and The Dax Centre, Melbourne

The Dax Centre
Until 7 June, 2019