SYNC! at Sheffer Gallery

SYNC! is a group exhibition that explores electronic expression and diverse modes of representation.

Eight Sydney-based emerging artists have come together to create a dynamic collection of media art objects, sound sculptures, time based art, and photo media. Through these artists’ forays into modes of electronic experimentation, the show explores our electronically mediated reality and modes of perceptive representation.

The artists in SYNC! work in playful, intriguing and experimental ways, engaging with new media and re-inventing familiar technology: from spatial audio and responsive installations, reconfigurations of everyday objects, 3D imaging, glitch aesthetics, and sound sculpture, their work shares a common interest in extending out usual perception of technology into something new and unfamiliar.

Alex Davies’ practice is based on around the development of mixed reality installations in which the audience find themselves as central characters in dynamic narratives. Similarly, Cheryl Northey’s work explores the ever blurring boundaries of perception.

FM Grande’s films are generally looped explorations of common everyday objects, places, people and occurrences that attempt to find something interesting and possibly even sublime in common journeys, locations and spaces. Also using found objects, Anna Madeleine’s stop-motion animations gives basic elements of life to simple materials, transforming actions of human existence in contrast with the aesthetics of information spaces.

An important idea of the exhibition is the interplay between our first-hand experience of the world and the set of mechanisms and practices that are used to organise it. Josh Harle’s work focuses on the diverse ways of inhabiting space, how emerging technologies are changing these, and why emergent, poetic accounts of the city are important. Also exploring the notion of space and technology, Justin Harvey explores narrative through the use of experimental panoramic photography, with an exploration of glitch aesthetics.

Teigan Kollosche’s recent work is an online exploration of our incorporation within real and cyber worlds as we transgress the globe: “you can stop in a middle of a crowded footpath, look at your phone and create geographical boundless space around you, almost like you’re invisible, that you are no longer connected to physical space but instead to the virtual leash…”

A strong component of sound also underpins the exhibition. Nick Wishart, who works in music composition, sound, and electronics and is a founding member of the all toy band Toydeath, creates unique electronic instruments using circuit bending techniques.

SYNC! opens at 6pm on Tuesday April 23rd at Sheffer Gallery, and is set to challenge our experience of electronic expression in intriguing and fascinating ways.

Sheffer Gallery
23 – 27 April, 2013


Alex Davies, Swarm, 2006 at SMT, Sendai, Japan, imagescape installation, interactive real time vision and sound. Courtesy the artist.

Josh Harle, Untethered Kinetic Scan, 2013, HD video. Courtesy the artist.

Nicholas Wishart sound artist/circuit bender  at the Lab, Underbelly 2011, Cockatoo Island. Courtesy the artist.