The Rum Diaries

The guys at Factotum are at it again!

Launching in December last year, Factotum is a studio and gallery space in Paddington, which is home to a multidisciplinary group of contemporary artists working across illustration, street art, screen printing and graphic design, along with more traditional styles of photography, painting, and sculpture.

After the success of their first exhibition So It Begins, the latest project coming out of Factotum, The Rum Diaries, is a fun and engaging collection of mixed media pieces with the central collection of work based on the consistent element of a rum bottle. The concept is a nod to the drink itself as well as the island culture it is synonymous with: by hand-painting old rum bottles with unique interpretations of the theme, the artists have built on a fusion of cultural, aesthetic, and material influences. The result is  a dynamic and innovative body of work that merges object with image, and old with new.

The bottles will be sold via silent auction on the opening night – this Thursday February 28, from 6-10pm – so don’t miss your chance to pick up a hand-made, vintage piece of art.

Artists exhibiting in The Rum Diaries are: Jesse Brockis, PhibsMulgaHulesJess BushOpensesame, Jerry WashingtonOricks, and Brodie McLennan.

Factotum Studio & Gallery
March 1 to 3, 2013