Todd Fuller: Convicts and Queens – A passionate History of Australia

Sydney-based artist Todd Fuller retells stories from Australia’s queer past in this exhibition of video work inspired by the tragic suicide pact of same-sex lovers Marks and Feeney in 1872, a hand-drawn animation about the infamous bushranger Captain Moonlight who was arrested while cradling his lovers dead body in 1879, and a film featuring the Sydney Convicts, Australia’s first gay and inclusive rugby union club. The Sydney Gay and Lesbian Choir present a special performance on Saturday 8 December, 3-5pm.

Todd Fuller, 1872 (still), 2018, digital video, 10:01mins, edition of 8. Cinematographer: Emma Conroy, Producer: Tyler Hawkins. Actors: Ian Roberts, Brandy Martignago. Composition: Paul Smith. Courtesy the artist and MAY SPACE, Sydney

Todd Fuller, taking chase (With whom I was united by every tie), 2018, chalk, acrylic and charcoal on timber, 60cm diameter. Courtesy the artist and MAY SPACE, Sydney

5 to 22 December, 2018