Zzzzz: Sleep, Somnambulism, Madness

Examine the subconscious in this exhibition of works by contemporary Australian and international artists who explore sleep and its representation in art. They push beyond conventional notions of fatigue, weakness or vulnerability to focus on the relationship between our physical being and our mental processes; from ‘sleep drawings’ and musical scores composed from sleep patterning data, to a dress made from thousands of prescription pills, and two artists sleeping beneath a quilt serving as a frame for their dreamscapes.

Zzzzz: Sleep, Somnambulism, Madness, 2018, Gertrude Contemporary installation view. Photograph: Christo Crocker. Courtesy the artists and Murray Art Museum Albury, New South Wales

Murray Art Museum Albury (MAMA)
7 June to 18 August, 2019
New South Wales