Agus Wijaya: Tata Reka

An Indonesian-born, Australian-based artist with Chinese heritage, Agus Wijaya presents his newest body of work, Tata Reka, a multi-medium exploration of identification and dis-identification, a contemplation of the complexity of vulnerability and the self amidst political and cultural histories, a connection and disruption between ways of knowing and seeing, and an embrace of the emanating play of chaos and order. Tata Reka explores “what resides once everyday noise recedes into the background – moments and reveries in the cycle of becoming and unbecoming,” says  the artist.

Agus Wijaya, Dear San, 2022, mixed media, 20.9 × 23.8 × 9.27cm. Courtesy the artist and Stanley Street Gallery, Sydney

Stanley Street Gallery
27 April to 21 May 2022

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