Angela Valamanesh: About being here – JamFactory Icon 2019

The work of ceramic artist Angela Valamanesh is featured in this year’s JamFactory Icon series, an annual exhibition celebrating the achievements of South Australia’s most influential artists working in craft-based media. Valamanesh’s works visualise the symbiosis between art and science through human, animal and organic representation and form. Her simple structures envelop complex biological, historical, and philosophical themes, whereas their beguiling and unusual construction prompts our interest and a strong sense of personal investigation; looping us back to their primal, raw appearance and function.

Angela Valamanesh, The Story of the Eye, part 2, no 2, 2018. Courtesy the artist and JamFactory: Contemporary Craft & Design, South Australia

JamFactory: Contemporary Craft & Design
26 July to 22 September 2019
South Australia