Barry Tate & Matthew Clarke: The Winter of Disconnect: The Great Indoors

‘The Winter of Disconnect: The Great Indoors’ chronicles Barry Tate and Matthew Clarke’s artistic journey’s around their individual home studios in Warrnambool, Victoria during COVID-19.

Tate presents a series of paintings and ceramic vanitas as installation pieces – large-scale totems, incorporating ornate hand-crafted furniture that conjure a sense of luxury. The works compound symbols of opulence such as grapes, flowers, porcelain plates and antique crafted furniture. Through the domestic lens, the installation will explore ideas of production, fodder and advancements in global civilisation, reflected in society today, now more than ever.

Barry Tate, Sunken Treasure, 2019, mixed media on canvas with LED lights, 132 x 177 x 20cm. Courtesy the artist and Fox Galleries, Melbourne

Clarke presents a series of new paintings and sculpture inspired by his direct descendant Captain Thomas Henry Clarke and asks the question: ‘Is that ok?’, to reflect on the seafaring and pioneering ancestry as a source of inspiration and resilience while staying at home. Geometric patterns, vibrant colour and self-portraits provide an intimate timeline of Mathew Clarke’s great indoors.

Matthew Clarke, Ghost Wallaby & Wallaby No. 7, 2019, acrylic on wood, 180 x 38 x 30cm, and 111 x 40cm. Courtesy the artist and Fox Galleries, Melbourne


Fox Galleries
3 July to 2 September 2020