Fabrizio Biviano: Positive Aspects of Negative Thinking

Melbourne-based artist Fabrizio Biviano’s new body of work, ‘Positive Aspects of Negative Thinking’, harnesses the immediacy of the present to celebrate the act and action of living.

Biviano’s latest series continues his self-referential approach to the still life genre as the artist reworks the conventions of Dutch still life painting to explore the contemporary currency of objects as embodiments of memory and identity. Each arrangement is amplified against tonally vacant backgrounds, soldering the viewer’s focus to the foreground; to the vibrancy of the here and now. Moments of abstraction break the surface – flicks and scrapes of paint that serve as painterly tallies of time.

Fabrizio Biviano, My teeth are sharp and my mouth is full, oil on Belgian linen, 122 x 152cm. Courtesy the artist and Arthouse Gallery, Sydney

Arthouse Gallery
30 June to 25 July 2020

A video walkthrough of the exhibition is available on the gallery’s website