Cameron Haas: Resonate

Resonate (v): to evoke or suggest images, memories and emotions.

Cameron Haas’ recent body of work combines form and colour with varying qualities of edge and flatness of paint in compositions that invite collaboration with the viewer to perceive and respond emotionally. Although these are seemingly simple compositions, there is nowhere for the artist to hide. Every colour, tone, shape, intersection and edge is carefully considered and composed. The viewer has an opportunity to play with these organic, malleable shapes that are suggestive of an embodied human experience but which are not prescriptive.

Cameron Haas, Untitled #62, 2022, acrylic on primed linen, 132 x 132cm. Courtesy the artist and Nancy Sever Gallery, Australian Capital Territory


Nancy Sever Gallery
24 July to 21 August 2022
Australian Capital Territory

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