Deadly Narratives: Recent Collection Highlights

Storytelling in all forms is crucial to sharing and understanding culture, past and present. Drawn from the Koorie Heritage Trust Collection, the works in this exhibition reflect the strong and vibrant culture of the Aboriginal people and communities of south east Australia. Their ‘deadly narratives’ told through a range of media including acrylic on canvas and board, prints, ceramics, textile, pokerwork possum skin, weaving and jewellery.

Artists include Frank Hood, the Pitcha Makin Fellaz, Lisa Waup, Lucy Williams-Connelly, Steaphan Paton and Josh Muir, to name a few.

Pitcha Makin Fellaz, We know where you shop (Kangaroo), acrylic paint on pvc foamboard, 122.5 × 90 × 5cm. Collection of KHT, Gift of Tom Mosby and Tony Ellwood. Courtesy the artist and Koorie Heritage Trust, Melbourne

Koorie Heritage Trust
13 March to 30 May 2021