‘Disquiet’ brings together four artists – Amanda Davies, Sarah Galletta, Emidio Puglielli and Mark Rose – who all make work that is thoroughly uncanny and unsettling and overall disquieting.

In Puglielli’s photographs, collaged elements obscure and reinterpret old photographs, leaving questions about their shadowy subjects. Galletta’s photographs use light, shadow and close framing to explore her personal and quite discomfiting experience of having brittle bones. Davies’ paintings make the plight of the Tasmanian Devil personal, embodying survival instinct and the constant threat of extinction. Rose’s seductive monochromatic oil paintings displace ambiguous images, leaving the viewer with a dream-like sense of detached narrative.

ANCA Gallery
14 May to 1 June, 2014
Australian Capital Territory

Emidio Puglielli, Group Memory, 2013, C type photograph, 15 x 18.25cm