Curated by Daniel Savage, ‘FLUX’ features video, virtual reality, and interactive digital work by Australian and international prominent d/Deaf and disabled artists; Back to Back Theatre, Marion Conrow, Aidan Moesby, The Vacuum Cleaner and Hanna Madness, Romily Alice Walden and Jason Walsh-Mills.

As new technology shapes the future of culture, disabled artists are at the forefront of innovation. Using the applied science as an aid in navigating a world designed to conform to non-disabled bodies, these artists combine elements of time, interactivity, responsiveness and transformation to explore the variations and evolving narratives of lived experiences – individual and collective.

A lifetime of experiencing the world through a non-typical lens and the ability to use digital technology to construct work that integrates elements of time, interactivity, responsiveness and transformation has been expertly harnessed by the participating artists to imbue their works with evolving narratives that move beyond static readings.

Still from ‘Radial’, 2016, by Bruce Gladwin, Rhian Hinkley and Tamara Searle of Back to Back Theatre. Courtesy the artists and Belconnen Arts Centre, Australian Capital Territory

Belconnen Arts Centre
Until 9 February 2020
Australian Capital Territory