Helen Gory: through these paper walls

Helen Gory has been a gallery owner and director for the past 20 years. Her dream was to be an artist, since the age of 16. For many reasons this never happened, until recently.

‘through these paper walls’ is an exhibition of secrets, desires, pain, lust, war, unrealistic ideals, absurd ideas of woman, fashion and social injustices. Some are overwhelmingly busy, while others are minimal. The paper can be worn, torn, and imperfect, and often Gory says this is just a part of the process.

“I make my own world and shut out the real world…This is my first solo exhibition and I’m unrestrained for now. Collage allows me the freedom to express myself.” – Helen Gory.

JCP Studios
6 to 22 February, 2014

nothing in the box, mixed media, hand cut on rag paper, 35 x 45cm
Courtesy the artist