Janet Reinhardt and Bronwyn Rodden: Natural INKuiry

In celebration of the natural world artists Janet Reinhardt and Bronwyn Rodden come together to present ‘Natural INKuiry’. With a passion for the environment, Rodden who is based on the Mid North Coast of New South Wales grows and harvests her own materials, such as eucalyptus bark, and berries, or flowers from plants such as wattle, Dianella, bottlebrush, and native plums. She incorporates her knowledge of traditional Chinese ink painting to blend Western and Eastern influences in her work. Reinhardt explores new mediums – printmaking inks made of honey with thread and collage – brought about by the artists own allergies.

Bronwyn Rodden, Bush in Spring, 2017, inks on paper on canvas, 90 x 120cm


Janet Reinhardt, Forest 6, 2017, woodcut with collage and stitching, 15 x 10cm


The Shop Gallery
18 to 28 January, 2018