The Data Imaginary: Fears and Fantasies

The Data Imaginary: Fears and Fantasies brings together works by artists and designers to demonstrate how creative applications of data technology are crucial for a vital, inclusive, and sustainable future. The exhibition critically and playfully explores data to reflect on climate change, the inclusion of Indigenous cultural knowledges, future city design, and information privacy.

Featuring Robert Andrew, Silvio Carta, Countess.Report, Andrew Gall, Interaction Research Studio, Lola Greeno, Geoff Hinchcliffe & Mitchell Whitelaw, Jenna Lee, Joana Moll, Patrick Pound, Aidan Rowlingson, Judy Watson, Warraba Weatherall, and Tali Weinberg.

Lola Greeno, Green Maireener necklace (detail), 2017, Green maireener shells, cotton thread. Private collection. Photograph: Carl Warner. Courtesy the artist, Griffith University Art Museum, Queensland and Flinders University Museum of Art | FUMA, South Australia

Flinders University Museum of Art | FUMA
26 April to 8 July 2022
South Australia

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