a Bit na Ta: The Story of the Gunantuna

Tolai singer George Mamua Telek and musician/composer David Bridie’s audio-visual dreamscape for ‘a Bit na Ta’ is a dramatic and symbolic representation of the resilience and spirit of the Tolai people of Papua New Guinea. For over a century they lived under shifting colonial powers, experienced war, volcanic eruptions and struggled for independence. This project captures the remote community’s rich history and traditions with an exhibition of moving image, song, atmospheric sounds, artefacts, contemporary works from Lisa Hilli and storytelling by Gideon Kakabin.

Lisa Hilli, Vunatarai (matrilineal) Amour, 2015, cotton, photo-collaged paper tags, steel clasp, 46cm. Photograph: Andy Drewitt. Courtesy the artist and Melbourne Museum, Victoria

A Wup – Fish Trap, from ‘A Bit na Ta’ at the Melbourne Museum. Photograph: Andy Drewitt

Bunjilaka Aboriginal Cultural Centre, Melbourne Museum
Until 4 February, 2018