Kim Schoenberger: Domestic Duties Chapter Three – ‘Sacred in the Domestic’

‘Sacred in the Domestic’ is the apogee of Kim Schoenberger’s exploration into the role of the activities that comprise home-life: how they inform our culture and mark communal landscapes. She celebrates this labour throughout history, and highlights chores that induce personal concepts of connection and expectation within the context of the spiritual; the clothesline becomes a Stupa festooned with rainbow-coloured prayer flags, clothes tongs create a mandala, and bamboo laundry poles become a cruciform.

Kim Schoenberger, Sacred in the Domestic, 2017, vintage laundry trolley, wire basket, powder-coat, 22ct gold leaf, upcycled pillowcases and ink. Photograph: Tony Webdale. Courtesy the artist

Noosa Regional Gallery
1 December to 21 January, 2018