Louiseann King: arbor temporis momentum

Louiseann King creates imagined worlds connecting both the natural environment and the constructed landscape of the domestic, in particular family and lived experiences of women in Australia. Objects foraged and formed – waxed flowers, bronze magpies, ornate tablecloths and bark pay homage to the fragility and beauty of nature. King uses glass as a representation for anxiety and impending catastrophe focusing on the tension of space between moments as its stability is threatened by a potential push or wobble of the table.

Louiseann King, arbor temporis momentum – recedo, 2017, bronze, vintage glass vessels, early Australian colonial kauri pine table, vintage wool crochet baby blanket, vintage glass panels. Photograph: Danny Wootton. Courtesy the artist and Bendigo Art Gallery, Victoria

Bendigo Art Gallery
Until 18 February, 2018