Ayano Yoshizumi, winner of the 2021 Tom Malone Prize

Congratulations, Ayano Yoshizumi, winner of the 2021 Tom Malone Prize for her work ICON #2010 (2020).

‘Through my practice, I am interested in the use of glass as an expressive material as well as using space and colour as primary tools for considering the work as a three-dimensional canvas with glass blowing, kiln-forming, and enamelling to strike a unique balance between art and craft. These conceptual works are influenced by Fauvism in her strong and expressive use of colour as well as the serendipitous nature of the hot-glass medium. The building of both internal and external spaces using blown glass and painting creates a constructed, transparent space. The Japanese concept ma, meaning negative space, identifies.’- Ayano Yoshizumi.

Ayano Yoshizumi, ICON #2010, 2020, mould blowing, hot sculpting, enamelling, cold painting, dimensions variable. Photograph: Pippy Mount. © and courtesy the artist

About the winning work, judges – Australian glass artist Jessica Loughlin, AGWA Foundation Benefactor Sheryl Grimwood, AGWA Foundation Governor Elizabeth Malone and AGWA Curator of West Australian and Australian Art Robert Cook; said:

‘The trio of pieces that make up her composition ICON #2010 are an assured and convincing statement about the boldness required to truly capture the sensation of working with glass as a liquid-solid. Each element feels just barely held in place by its outside surfaces, and textures are deftly employed to allow all the viewer’s senses to imaginatively engage. Underpinning the drama of the work is, on one hand, an almost formal quality to the markings and approach, and on the other, a refined yet wholly relaxed casualness to assemblage that suggests her brilliant alertness to the moment-to-moment possibilities of glass making. This double nature of the work lends it considerable depth, charm and a surprising intensity as an aesthetically mutable structure. We hope it encourages a new generation of innovators and risk-takers in this vital medium, and are proud to bring Yoshizumi into the pantheon of Tom Malone Prize winners.’

The ‘Tom Malone Prize’ brings together some of Australia’s most accomplished and inspiring glass artists, celebrates the innovative nature of the medium, and plays an integral role in the Art Gallery of Western Australia’s acquisition of works.

The 2021 Tom Malone Prize are Kate Baker (NSW), Clare Belfrage (SA), Hannah Gason (ACT), Marcel Hoogstad Hay (SA), Rita Kellaway (SA), Gerry King (SA), Jennifer Kemarre Martiniello (ACT), Peter Kovacsy (WA), Jeremy Lepisto (NSW), Madeline Prowd (SA), Kirstie Rea (NSW), Ayano Yoshizumi (SA), and Madisyn Zabel (ACT).

Now in its 19th year, The Tom Malone Prize 2021 is a free exhibition on display at AGWA until 19 July 2021.