Damian Dillon & Rebecca Shanahan: Dead Air

‘Dead Air’ continues Damian Dillon’s and Rebecca Shanahan’s joint interests in using moving image and photography to express loss, absence and transience through narrative suggestion and allusions to the uncanny.

Dillon’s video Happyland moves through damaged and desolate landscapes. The video intervenes and distorts the landscapes, attempting to tame them but ultimately comes back to the beginning in an endless loop of sameness. In I Had But Could Not Keep, Shanahan’s largely monochrome prints and video attend to photography’s materiality and history with a minimal, abstract poetic.

MOP Projects – Chippendale
2 to 27 April, 2014

Rebecca Shanahan, Untitled, from I Had But Could Not Keep, pigment print on washi paper, 31 x 31cm
Courtesy the artist and MOP Projects, Sydney