Damien March: Urbane

Artist Damien March references both the sophisticated and cultured nature of contemporary society in his exhibition ‘Urbane’.

In an age of immediacy, March pauses to reflect the environment around us, capturing the great cities of the world and aiming to give prominence through a traditional organic expression.

Damien March, Opera Retrospection

The work in ‘Urbane’ displays March’s skill in his use of a vast array of materials ranging from inks, acrylics, varnishes, thickeners, sand pumice and resin. A lifetime of working with such diverse media has elevated the paint surface with a sophisticated aesthetic.

A push and pull effect is created between layers as rough thick gestural strokes contrast against refined glistening resin while vigorous Neo Expressionistic palette knife movements further accentuate the visual experience.

‘Urbane’ showcases a truly alternative depiction of the constructed world with scale heightened, perspective distorted and energetic line work all creating a sense of depth; absorbed within the composition with each canvas offering a unique visual and cultural experience.

Damien March, Harbour Allure

m2 Gallery
16 to 29 January, 2019