ARGO PACIFICO featuring Jen Denzin and Oliver Harlan

Climb aboard the vessel ‘ARGO PACIFICO’, a real-­life carnival cruise ship that is about to embark on a voyage through the Bermuda Triangle captained by Hunter-­based artists Jen Denzin and Oliver Harlan.

Unmooring itself from conventional exhibition display techniques, ‘ARGO PACIFICO’ is temporally and spatially phased into the walls of The Lock-Up. Hundreds of assemblages, including handmade cardboard palm trees, beaded chandeliers, fluorescent lobsters and sequined seafood are loaded into the space, creating a fun, sublime and absurdly playful experience.

en Denzin and Oliver Harlan, Argo Pacifico, 2018. Curtesy the artists and The Lock Up, New South Wales

Jen Denzin uses commonplace materials such as plastic buckets, drinking straws, cable ties and tacky mementoes to construct gaudy assemblages and vibrant environments. Her work is informed by historical meeting points and the interplay between people-­groups and cultures in the Asia­Pacific region.

Oliver Harlan is a multidisciplinary artist and filmmaker whose work is concerned primarily with expressing the small, subtle and intricate moments of human connection. Harlan’s practice has become increasingly performative, his main output consisting of a daily practice using social media, where he uploads a video every day that adds to an ever-­evolving childlike character who dances in parking lots, plays the recorder badly and talks to his stuffed cat.

The Lock Up
8 December, 2018 to 27 January, 2019
New South Wales