Julia Flanagan: Dazzle

‘Julia Flanagan’s work is colour and shape colliding across painting and sculpture. Forms instinctively vibrate like a Broadway boogie-woogie. Her tightly packed paintings and constructions reference essential forms of architecture – the arch, the turret,’ says writer Melody Willis. Flanagan’s first solo show at The Egg & Dart dazzles the audience with a lively interplay between her paintings and cut out sculptures. ‘Drawing pattern ideas from her own textile library, she multiplies and layers these up, working outward in a search for harmony in colour,’ adds Willis.

Julia Flanagan, Anything, Everything, 2019, acrylic on board, 60 x 45cm. Courtesy the artist and The Egg & Dart, New South Wales

The Egg & Dart
Until 22 February 2020
New South Wales