New public artwork | Gadigal Mural

Australian Design Centre (ADC), in partnership with the City of Sydney’s Art & About Sydney program, has announced a new public artwork located at the rear of the Centre in Barnett Lane, Darlinghurst.

Gadigal Mural, designed by Sydney artist Jason Wing, with ADC’s First Nations Creative Producers Dennis Golding and Lucy Simpson, is a collaborative artwork referencing both the topographical patterning and material culture of Gadigal country.

Jason Wing and Dennis Golding in front of Gadigal Mural. Photograph: Jodie Barker

Reaching over 25 metres long and 17 meters high, the mural features curved and circular lines referencing the geographical formations of Sydney lands and waters as well as the paths formed by Gadigal people before European Settlement.

The outlines of objects, materials and figures are applied between the patterns filled with vibrant ochre tones of red and yellows, which reference the histories, cultural practices and making of Gadigal people.

The mural was initiated by ADC in response to the historical importance of this site as a place of making that directly aligns with ADC’s purpose as a centre for contemporary craft and design.

Gadigal Mural Barnett Lane view 2019. Photograph: ADC

The word ‘bangawarra’ incorporated into the mural means ‘make’ or ‘do’ in Gadigal language.

The mural adds to the cultural and visual landscape of the city, illustrating the rich, unbroken connections of land and contemporary practices of making and design.

‘This has been an extraordinary opportunity for us to produce an artwork that acknowledges the making culture of the traditional owners of the land, the Gadigal People, and brings that spirit and history together with ADC’s purpose as a contemporary place of making,’ said Lisa Cahill, ADC CEO and Artistic Director.

‘Aboriginal murals are the most affordable, effective and accessible place making solutions to combat the extreme lack of visual Aboriginal presence in Australia. I commend the City of Sydney Council and the Australian Design Centre for their visionary dual place making and genuine support for increasing a visual Aboriginal presence in NSW,’ said artist, Jason Wing.

Stay tuned for the full program of events and activities related to the mural.