Rosie Deacon: South/East Interference Volume I

‘South/East Interference Volume I’ is an exhibition of sculpture and installation by Rosie Deacon exploring humanity and feelings of belonging. Inspired by her love for ‘Australiana’ objects, a passion she developed from the souvenirs which decorate her family home including her mother’s prize-winning hand-stitched tapestries and her father’s Aussie pub paraphernalia. ‘I have a personal obsession with animal- imagery, yet made horrifyingly unfamiliar, by transforming its natural inhabitants into a spectacularly camp pastiche of faux fur and perennial pride,’ says Deacon.

Rosie Deacon in her studio, 2018. Photograph: Jacquie Manning. Courtesy the artist and Bega Valley Regional Gallery, New South Wales

Bega Valley Regional Gallery
15 September to 20 October, 2018
New South Wales

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